Time and Being

Tempora mutantur nos et mutamur in illis

Times change us and we change in them. Not until my ‘being’ went through a tumultuous journey had I understood that time is an active participant in my life. The quality waxes and wanes in coherence with my thoughts. It elongates and contracts against my wishes. It transforms me in a way I never foresee and wouldn’t want to. Transmutation continues every second. And, I see time molding me into something new every moment. I revel and I accept.

Time and being are not separate from each other. Not in the sense of existence in space but in thoughts(being). State of mind and mood it generates, or simply the ‘being’ is intertwined with the time line I live in. It seems to me like my existence is an endless chain connected by the moments I remember. But the memories are subjective. The new person I am always evolving in has its own perspective about my memories. I have seen it transform the memories thanks to the awareness I forced by habit.So, I tend to lose the links in between only to replace them with new ones. I am left with a renewed ‘being’, present and past, and the enforcer,time.

Time, thus is not a mere synchronization of two events for me. It can be sensed in the way I go forward in my life.

The physicality of time is apparent in my ‘being’.



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