Cracked windshields!!

In India you don’t have to seek for an adventure, adventure seeks you. You just need to STEP OUT. The colors and the moods of Indian people are so varied in nature that ‘something’ is always bound to happen. It is the most fitting stage with the greatest number of misfits. Stories, delightful as well as horrifying, await for you to be a part. One waited for me for quite a long time.

I was planning to go home for last few weeks but something always came up. And, by ‘came up’ I mean I was too lazy to drag my ass out of my apartment. Add to it the fact that it is on eleventh floor. Once you spend an eternity in a boring lift, with its squeaking pulleys, to come up you hardly have the energy to go back down. So here I was, determined to go home that weekend. I gave myself no room for excuses and applied for short leave. I finished my work early and stacked all the files in my drawer neatly. I added a few sticky notes on my desktop about things I have to get back at, on Monday. Little did I know, I ain’t coming back soon.

I was feeling kind of neat and managed after all the tidying up. I didn’t foresee that I was working in one of those ‘firms on the outskirts of the city with lush green  environment to keep you invigorated’. This sounded nice back when I first looked at the advertisement. With layers of dust on my face waiting for a ride home,not so much. Not at all, actually. I wanted to go back in and hurl a bunch a A4 sheets on my boss’s face. May be some around me also. And then tell him that I was resigning and my resignation letter was sitting in his mailbox. Oh! I certainly don’t want to itch that scratch. Better get back to the road.

The deafening honk rocked me out of the reverie. The first thing that squirmed up in my mind as soon as I glanced at the driver was ; Ain’t I lucky, bitches? The blossomed, and beautifully so, Niki. She works in a different department. My bad luck. The fissure of overwhelming feelings stuttered back into my pants the moment I saw her boyfriend sitting beside her. It was a cream(Really?) colored Esteem. The front windshield had a crack in the corner which spread like a lightening. She lurched her neck out and asked if I needed a ride to the city.

Hell ya.

Beer cans and Lays’ wrapers lied around on back seat of the car. The guy frowned at her for being so messy. She turned and cornered everything in one quick sweep of her arm. She chuckled the whole thing off and the car heaved forward. I tried hard not to look at the nape of her neck. I didn’t want to reach home with a black eye. I asked her about the windshield. She said it cracked because of heat and chortled again. Her boyfriend let out a heavy sigh.After necessary ‘blah blah’ we all slid down in our own thoughts.

The dusty gilded sun rays slanted through the trees. My eyes spanned the fields along the road and my mind wandered until the beats of light and shadow slowly lulled me to sleep. Not more than ten minutes had past when the giggling sounds woke me up. She asked me about my family and stuff. I reciprocated the useless questionnaire. The tollway was up and the car didn’t seem to slow down. My heart throbbed hard, beating about in my chest as if trying to jump out of the car. To be continued….


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