Love – A swindle

What exactly is love?

A word assigned to an assortment of feelings that makes you feel good about a person. A series of positive responses from your mind for someone’s actions or someone’s physical appearance.


Pure desire in disguise.


For hopeless romantics, it is something that you shouldn’t even try to explain. You should give up all hopes to even vaguely define love. It is always “so much more”.

What,What did you say?Are you kidding me?

I wince and stop listening to people who pick up the last definition. And, why shouldn’t I? If they have a right to have an opinion , I have a right not to beat my eardrums with that shit. Blood boils, but I remain silent. You don’t want to argue with these people. They are impossible. Longer you argue funnier it gets. And, it is not something that makes you laugh genuinely. It produces a mere affectation. A strange laugh that irks you and the person you are talking to. And, you start to feel pity for them. If it is so special, why haven’t I seen even a single case of unconditional love? It is always driven by some sort of opportunity. I don’t see misfits in love. Even if there are some misled cases, they’ll eventually turn up against each other. Also, people speak in wild puffery nowadays. They use phrases like everlasting love and a soul mate for everyone. They smell of absurdity.

“She is the one and no one else suits me”, someone said to me. Like he has sampled all the girls on this earth. I say this because I have seen the naked truth of love. It’s simple, and I hope people get their senses back. S/he is gonna !!!! it up bad. I need to keep my aura clean, so I should not talk about these “beautiful, godly and magical” things. Just be with someone until you feel happy around them and be honest with your feelings. Period.


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